Nexus Market

Nexus Market is a darknet market that emerged in late 2023, quickly gaining a reputation for its modern interface and wide range of product categories, including drugs and digital goods. It attracted vendors from other closed platforms and offers features like escrow protection, DDoS protection, and accepts cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Monero for transactions

Nexus Market TOR/Onion Link


What is remarkable about Nexus Market:

For the convenience of shoppers, Nexus Market has 2 modes of operation: digital and physical.

When you select physical mode, the homepage displays physical goods directly and starts to get cluttered with a variety of drugs and similar substances.

Nexus Physical Mode

When you select digital, the homepage will show merchandise such as VPNs, bank account access, bank cards, etc.

Nexus Digital Mode

Ready to explore Nexus Market? Here's how to begin:

  1. Install Tor Browser: It's essential for reaching .onion domains within the darknet, offering anonymity for both you and the website.
  2. Adjust Tor Browser Settings: To navigate through Nexus's anti-bot defenses, switch your browser mode to "Safest"
    • Step 1 Configure Tor browser Step 1
    • Step 2 Configure Tor browser Step 2
    • Step 3 Configure Tor browser Step 3
    • Step 4 Configure Tor browser Step 4
  3. Navigate to Nexus Market: Open the provided URL http://nexusaz2extoiszfrbhklvnhq5leh3n6yvd2njktxxptqr3xulzsb4qd.onion, in your Tor browser to access the site.
  4. Register an Account: Select a pseudonym that maintains your anonymity and create a robust password to separate your online presence from your real-world identity.
    • Nexus Register Step 1
    • After registration you will receive an account recovery token. Save it securely and enter it in the next step.
    • Nexus Register Step 2
    • Nexus Register Step 3
    • After that, select your preferred products: digital or physical goods Nexus Register Step 4
  5. Acquire Digital Currency: Buy Bitcoin or Monero from reputable sources to use on Nexus.
  6. Explore and Shop: With your account ready and wallet funded, you're set to browse and purchase on Nexus. Always scrutinize sellers and their offerings thoroughly to ensure a safe transaction.


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